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"A Question of Fact"

A dear brother of mine emailed me this morning with a question. Why God Who is perfect create such an evil world? The answer to this question is a true revelation into the nature of God. Let’s look at one of hundreds of verses that answer this question. I pray the Lord will open the eyes to see this truth.

Gal 1:4 Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father.

The Apostle Paul wrote in this verse a wonderful explanation of why God created this evil world. I have highlighted several English words in blue. The reason is that these were translated from two Greek words that were poorly translated. They clearly should have read “so to rescue.” As I have pointed out before many times, in this verse as with 392 other times the word “might” was erroneously added to this verse and others to wrongfully change a definite to a mere possibility.

So God ordained that He would rescue us from sin and death. This was His purpose for creating the world as He did full of sin, misery and death. So He could rescue us and bring us into eternal life in Him.

Let this thought sit for a moment. It is nothing but the Will of God that He has ordained to be done. So what is this Will? Simple, it states it clearly and that is to “save us!” The “us” is not a particular people or even a religious affiliation. The “us” is all of mankind. Jesus said he came to save the world. Today we all need to embrace that truth in what we believe about God. Our Lord is not a “maybe, might be or even a slight possibility.” He is Lord of All and All will be reconciled being saved from sin and death.

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