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"Civil Unrest"

I have thought long and hard about the "civil unrest" that is really gripping this nation. The march against inequality has done nothing but highlight the real inequality.

The nation polarizes when an unarmed teen robs a store and attacks a police officer. Buildings are burned, people hurt and the wounds of hatred are purposely invoked in order to cause more harm. Why do the marchers not realize the only way to equality is to behave in a similar manner. Real equality is to share similar values, dreams and family stability. Oh, one will scream I am a racist! Well, cultural pride and differences can easily exist when people share the same vision.

Its not ok to rob stores, murder people, act like a thug and expect to be treated with dignity and equality. I'm sorry but I am not an equal with a person walking around with his pants falling past his butt and a severe case of hatred and like of respect for others. You are absolutely right I do not consider them an equal.

Here is a question for you. Why should I lower my beliefs and standards just to incorporate the mediocrity desired and lazily obtained by those who have little respect for their own life much less my life?

The key to equality is when multiple people become a nation of One with similar values, dreams and family stability. Fighting for equality is not found in marches, protests or civil unrest. It is found when people refuse to accept mediocrity and strive to develop the God given talents into a better tomorrow. That my friends is the American Dream. It is not demanding equality when there is nothing equal in the equation. If anyone wants to stop inequality then stop making oneself unequal!

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