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"Which Will?"

"Not Thou Will be done but my will be done"

I am sure you caught the self centeredness of the way I changed the words in this well known Scriptural Phrase. The trouble is most people live for their own will instead of understanding and submitting to God's Will.

God's Will is deeper than just attending worship services or being a member of a religious group. God's Will is both absolute but also a revealing of Himself. Once we boil away the Sunday clothes and masks of goodness, in each of us is an evilness that shows its self from time to time. It is hurtful, judgmental and always wrong. It is this same evilness that strives to dictate what our will becomes.

God's Will is full of perfect love and forgiveness. It is also full of His promise to not allow even one person to be lost eternally to sin and death. So today which "Will" sits in the pilot seat of your life? God is only discovered in the quietness of devotion and love for one another. There He will reveal His Will and a wonderful glimpse into to Who God really is.

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