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"Racism in America"

I am going to try to speak on a subject that frankly is a deep and in many cases a self inflicted wound. It concerns racism.

I love sports so I am going to start with that as an illustration. On average black athletes are faster, stronger and have better body characteristics for many sports. This statement is backed by turning on the TV and seeing the percentage of black athletes on NBA, NFL and college teams verses percentage of the general population. If I said that in public, no one would likely get mad since it is verifiable.

So why is it then that any scientifically supported observations spoken against say blacks in general is immediately considered racist? The answer is minority populations be it black, gays and now Muslims scream discrimination INSTEAD of facing the truth and striving to make a change.

I will make this statement and stand by it. The worst enemy of any minority is themselves. They establish differences in order to lower the standards. All so they can exist in those lower standards. Racist! Tim's a RACIST you scream. Well, there is a huge difference between a true racist and a realist.

I study because I love learning. For everyone sport fact that proves on average black athletes are better than white athletes, I can quote you hundreds of stats, proofs and data that paint the true picture of America. Now since when is racism? The problem is limitations can never be dealt with unless you first realize them. I was a very good athlete in my younger days. I had the ability to play college ball except being 5'9 and weighing 130. My size hampered my continuing to play football. I guess I should have screamed racism since I didn't get a chance. They were all unfair because I was skinny. Well, that sounds just as stupid as saying a guy walking around with an IQ of 80 should get equal consideration in a job as one with an IQ 120. Racism when blaming color while ignoring the facts is beyond stupidity.

Screaming racism never once brought anyone to a better life. It merely cements them and their children and their children into a cycle of self inflicted injustice. No one has to put them down, discriminate against them or even put the heavy finger of racism on them. No, being lazy, not working, not striving to improve and then blaming others is the seed of racism planted, cultivate and harvested totally by the millions that scream racism. I have been discriminated against because I am white. BUT I refuse to place myself in subjection to their discrimination. I don't have to go to their level. Where you are is your choice. If others make it for you, they do so because your decided to allow them to control you thus you are enslaved by yourself.

Welfare breeds and promotes racism. Having babies and not caring for them promotes racism. Being sorry and not caring for others promotes racism. Following poor examples for leaders promotes racism. The fact is the most racist people in the world are the ones that scream racism the loudest.

You want to stop racism then stop using it as an excuse. Yesterday I sat with our oldest daughter. She's quite the little liberal but I'm hoping she will grow out of it! She asked me a question concerning who would I like to see as President. Besides digging up Ronald Reagan, I gave her four people I thought this nation needed as leaders. Two were white and two were black. Now for the common characteristics, they all were solid caring and successful businessmen. Point in fact, we have had six years of worthless leadership from a man that has never had a real job. These four leaders are educated and have been successful leaders. They all indicate a vision for our nation instead of shouting "Change" without wisdom, experience or foresight to lead. That "change" has resulted in the mess this nation is in today.

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