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"Worthless Participation Trophies"

“Everybody gets a trophy” is our present mentality. “We don't want anyone to feel discouraged” so let’s give everyone the same thing. Folks, life is not about fairness nor does this mentality help anyone.

Life is for winners not mere participation. Life is judged, determined and established by the effort, talent and dedication one puts into it. Social promotion, handouts and lowering of standards are nothing more than participation trophies.

Here is the most damning thing of all. Awarding mere participation results in millions upon millions of people that never developed into honorable and vital parts of our society. It breaks my heart to know how many talented people live wasting away. There are so many untapped doctors, nurses, police officers, executives, research scientist, and in fact cures for all of the world’s problems living in mental poverty all because those around them encouraged mediocrity.

If one establishes goals which can be obtained with little effort then life’s rewards will be valued based on that cost. Be an encourager of yourself and then others to make sure your goals are at least one step further than you have ever gone before. The most rewarding parts of life are mere steps away. Spend the energy to take those steps and discover what God has in store for you.

Stay where you are in life means you will die where you are. That is not where God wants you or and made you to be.


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