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"4th of July"

Fourth of July

This was a day in 1776 where a few men began the process which took several months of signing the Declaration of Independence. All of these men met and agreed to establish a nation filled with freedoms and liberties unseen in the world before that time.

Today, our nation still enjoys these freedoms established with each signature. These men knew their signing would likely result in their death for treason and at least the loss of all the world goods they had. One piece of paper in their minds was worth any potential loss.

One piece of paper is still valued. Over a million of soldiers have given their lives for that piece of paper. Millions have given their time, years, energy and dedication to the honor of preserving that piece of paper. Our independence is actual our dependence upon ensuring the freedoms proclaimed and granted are afforded to each person. As the National Anthem is played that piece of paper still brings a tear to many eyes that love our freedom and this great nation.

While we are a diverse nation, we are still a nation of a single piece of paper signed by brave visionaries. Each American is a signer of that single page granting, receiving and sharing life and liberty. Today I give thanks for this nation under God! May we never forget greatness is not found within one person or a few. Greatness is found when many unite in one belief upheld through time.

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