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"Tradition of the Cross or the Truth"

Jesus was condemned to die but at whose hands? The movies, uninformed pastors and teachers will all tell you it was the Romans. Wrong. Jesus was found innocent on three occasions as he was tried under Roman Law. He was repeatedly found innocent and had done nothing worthy of death. This is such an important fact ignored in the tradition of the church.

Since Jesus was found innocent under Roman Law he could not be condemned to death end of point. But the rulers of Rome had the authority to grant their subjects right to carry out the sentence of death but it had to be under the laws of that people. In this case Hebrew Law, under Hebrew authority determined Jesus was condemned to death. The most used Hebrew death methods was stoning but this method was not used. They wanted Jesus died that day before the sun went down but they also wanted him cursed before God and all men. Stoning would not curse Jesus before God in fact it would martyr him. The Jewish leaders wanted him put to death using the most sacred method of hanging the condemned from a living tree. The condemned had to be hung, to have died and immediately removed from the tree before the sunsets. Following these steps the Jewish Leaders knew God would condemn him with sin as he was before themselves.

The Lamb of God sinless took upon himself the curse of sin through the Levitical Law. He laid down his life for our sins by becoming cursed for our sake. This I promise you could never have happened if he had died on a wooden cross. Even Jesus himself said he would hang from a green tree. The question is why do you believe different than his own words?

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