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"Which Lump of Clay are You?"

Allow your minds to clear and find a moment of peace before I share with you this verse below. The reason is simple. Your preconceived perception will take away the truth of this verse before you have had a chance to be blessed with it. Don't try to figure it out just let the words flow over your heart for a moment.

Romans 9:21 Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

The world teaches separation. One person is saved and the other is lost. One is damned and one will live forever in blessings. All fairy tales of non-scriptural malfunctions.

Look carefully at the verse. Is there not just one lump? Both vessels of honor and dishonor come from the same lump so when you add "there are none righteous no not one" so the lump mankind comes from is polluted with sin. So no lump of honor could possibly come from it. Well, what is the lump spoken of in this verse?

You know the answer but it has never been incorporated into your religious dogma. The "lump" is the Word of God. All things exist through and by the Word of God. From the Word of God (Jesus) all things were created as he is the Word of God made flesh. From the Word two vessels were made. A vessel of dishonor - our sinful flesh - and a vessel for honor - our resurrected, changed, new and perfect body we will all receive upon reconciliation and our resurrection from death and sin. All mankind were made sinners through the body of Adam as we all come from Adam. The Word of God and the body of his resurrection will result in all of mankind being resurrected by him into perfection for all eternity. Thus, the vessel of honor is the planned born again body that all will receive upon the resurrection of the dead (all of us) unto eternal life in God.

To think you are saved and therefore a vessel of honor is a lie and abomination before God. It is He that has done all to save us and nothing we will or can do will result in salvation. We will remain in this body of sin until we take our last breath. It is appointed each of us die so to pay the wages of our sins. But God promised He will raise each of us sinners from death and presented to us our vessel ordained from before creation so to live with Him for all eternity.

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