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"Sinful Conception"

A person is conceived in sin. A sinful mom and dad joined to produce this person who like them are mortal and corrupted. My question to you is this. Can this person die any other way but in the same corrupted state in which he was conceived?

I am sure there will be many of you that will claim that accepting Jesus changes your corrupted state to one of perfection. While this may sound all fine and good, it is absolutely untrue. All are sinners and all will die in sin. "But Jesus made me whole" you say. We are all in sin until the day we die. Speaking of death do you not recall "the wages of sin is death." So it is appointed once for all men to die - everyone will die because we are all sinners and in sin.

Jesus does not make you whole during this life time. Pure silliness! We will be made whole upon the resurrection FROM sin and death. All will be made whole because all of mankind is one by creation and must be resurrected as one from Adam by Jesus.

Its time to understand the Word of God and incorporate that truth in your beliefs.

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