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"Entrapped by Beliefs"

John 16:1 These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.

As you look at this verse in John you may think it means that you should know the things Jesus speaks in order to not be offended by others. This is not the correct way to see this warning from Jesus. The key is the last Greek word Jesus used. It actually means "to be entrapped, enticed to sin or trip up."

Jesus said, "these things are spoken to you so you are not entrapped."

How can a person who believes in Jesus be entrapped? Well, there are several things that can entrap a person such as not following the truth, loving sin more than God, or being self righteous. All of these things will entrap you or at least weigh you down so that your walk is a failing struggle.

I have taught you for years God sent Jesus to save everyone. The truth is Jesus either saves everyone or he and God are both laying failures. Many of you are entrapped by the false religious teachings of modern Christianity that violates the Scriptures.

In churches today from the pulpits they denounce specific sins while ignoring or giving a free pass to all the others. Does not the Scriptures carefully point out that all sins are common to all people? So the denouncing of one sin means you have given a free pass of acceptance to the million of others sins of which you are guilty of all.

Lastly, self righteous love of self is clearly demonstrated in the "how one is saved" according to Christianity. "all you have to do is ........ accept Jesus as Lord and Savior....... pray to invite him into your heart.........join the church and do as we do...... believe this way and you will be saved." Every one of these false teachings start with what one must do to be saved. They claim to follow the Words of Jesus but he said there is nothing one can do to be saved. So why then is religion teaching the direct opposite? More importantly why are you professing the opposite of what the Scriptures have taught you. The truth is you have been bewitched by the gentle lying words chaining you to unfilling false claims and weakness in your walk.

Are you a slave to religion or a free person following God? Don't claim to be free if you are saddled with false teachings. Either denounce my words by proof or announce you are more in love with your religion than you are with the Savior. Direct opposites cannot both be right much less righteous.

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