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"Death Matters"

We have all been to many funerals. For every birth there will be a death. Every culture and religion have beliefs as to the after life. From beliefs in heaven or hell, reincarnation, paradise with 70 virgins or simply those that don't have a clue, the afterlife is more like a brochure of vacation destinations than the Scriptural truth.

So allow me to tell you simply, we die, our bodies return to the dust of the earth and everyone good, bad and indifferent will sleep in the earth until the resurrection of the dead. There is absolutely no going to heaven, no pearly gates, handfuls of virgins or flaming torment awaiting our demise. The lies you have been told are all about making you feel better and has zero to do with the truth.

To start with we need to understand why we die. We die because of being sinful. We are all sinners and everyone will die. If you will die then you are a sinner. We are born and we will die. Our existence in this body is temporary. Its temporary status has nothing to do with eternity. Take the best human that ever lived and answer this - are they a sinner? The answer is yes for we have all sinned and fall short of what God demands for fellowship. So we have to die in our sins then we will sleep awaiting the resurrection.

Just as death is so misunderstood so is the resurrection. The resurrection is not the bad resurrected to being permanently bad and the good just the opposite. We are all "bad" so that is silly nonsense. We are all resurrected from sin and death unto newness of eternal life. All of our good, bad and indifference dies with our deaths. We are awoken from sleep all at the same time and all in the same way. Our corruption and mortality ends. The resurrection transforms us completely as a brand new creation with nothing of the old remaining. We are resurrected immortal and incorruptible just the opposite of how we live and died.

Our resurrection follows that of Jesus' resurrection. His body full of death and damage was changed in the twinkling of an eye to perfection. The same will one day happen to each of us.

What will we carry with us? Nothing! We came into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing. It is pure foolishness to think you would want to carry with you the robes of your good deeds and good name which are both filthy decaying rags. Get use to the idea everything will become perfectly new.

A wise man sees all of his shortcomings and cherishes being completely dependent upon God for salvation. A proud fool looks the world over to see his own self appointed high value. The fool is a religious man that lives to promote his own self worth at the expense of God's glory. He says "I did this to be saved" or "I am one of the chosen" when in truth he is a babbling fool. God will raise everyone from sin and death or no one will be saved. You pick it. There is no religion or religious beliefs that brings about salvation.

Death is like boarding a wonderful plane awaiting the take off to eternal life. There are many that boarded the same plane before you and there will be many that come after you. We will all end up at the same place and will arise at the same time and in the same way. Eternal life is a unmerited, unearned and the free gift to be given as resurrected life.

No matter how pure or good they may be, believing lies does not make them true. In fact embracing these false notions move us away from the truth and from God. No matter how many buzz words you use, a lie is a lie and the truth is not in them.

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