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"The Day Jesus Died"

The Day Jesus Died
On this date April 30th, 30 AD Jesus was crucified and died while hanging from a living tree. On this day we will honor Jesus by looking at what happened between 3:00 in the afternoon and sunset. In the CST zone, Jesus gave up his life at 7:00 this morning. So let’s look at some of the major occurrences at the time of Jesus’ death.
It may surprise you that in speaking about the minutes surrounding Jesus’ death that I would go back four days earlier to begin with something most people fail to understand. As Jesus entered into Jerusalem with the crowds waving palm branches and their coats lying at the feet of Jesus honoring him, he stops and steps down off his donkey. He stood looking over the city and said this:
Luke 19:41 And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it,
Luke 19:42 Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.
That Sunday afternoon quote referenced the specific date that ended the 69th Week or “Shabuas” of Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy. A Shabua is a Hebrew term that could mean a seven day period or a period of seven years depending on its usage. In this case Daniel clearly spoke of the seven year period. The end of the 483 year prophecy was the very Sunday Jesus stood above Jerusalem crying. He cried because Israel did not see within the Scriptures that he would arrive at Jerusalem to lay down his life to save the world. You may wonder where the other 7 years went to make the total 490 weeks? They comprise the 7 years of the Tribulation Period in Revelation.
With that said we can now look at what Jesus accomplished that day besides fulfilling Daniel’s Prophesy and saving the world!
1. Jesus death was very interesting. Did you consider Jesus as the Word of God was and is immortal/everlasting? So then how did he die? The answer is very important. He freely gave up his life in order to save the world. His death made the only way for our reconciliation from sin and death. Could death or the grave hold him? No, they have no power over him except what was given to them temporarily. Christians are taught to play with words and to ignore them at the same time. Example God is all powerful but in the same breath Christians talk about Satan’s power or the power of temptations. If God has all the power then explain to me how anything else has power UNLESS it is temporarily provided to it by God. Jesus, as the Word of God that became flesh, truly had all authority over death, sin and all of creation. By the Word of God Jesus took upon himself the sins of the world by hanging for our sakes on a living green tree. Being immortal he had to release the life in the flesh and return it to God. He trusted God by saying “into your hands I commend my spirit.”
2. The earthquake is not something most people think about when pondering the story of Jesus’ death. This shaking of the earth around Jerusalem that day did some very wonderful things that are called Typologies.
- The earth moved and the foundation of the Temple fractured signifying the end of the need for sacrifices. Jesus was God’s perfect Sacrifice for the world and its salvation.
- The Veil in the Temple split into showing man now has access to God and Jesus is now our High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek.
- The bodies of dead people around Jerusalem arose and walked the streets reflecting Jesus’ power over death.
- Sun and stars were darkened giving us the story that one God we will all walk the streets of the New Earth and there will be no need of physical light for we will forever be in the Light of God.
3. What the Centurion soldier said when Jesus died. In two Gospels he said surely he was the Son of God. In one Gospel he is quoted as surely he was a righteous man. Now both of these statements are never considered as they should be. First, “Son of God” I am sure you quickly get a warm and fuzzy over it but the words actually have much more meaning. The word translated “son” means to come forth from denoting the place of origin. Jesus as the Word of God came forth from God thus since His Words are perfect then they perfectly reflect God and so are God. Now you get it? The second phrase spoken by the Roman soldier is also important. He said Jesus was a righteous man and you automatically concur with him. But consider this important point, it is written there are none righteous no not one so Jesus as righteous is not hidden in the fact his sacrifice would be righteous and true in other words perfect in every way. Jesus came to save every person. Jesus’ perfection as the Lamb of God would end if any of the smallest promises are not fulfilled. If Jesus does not save everyone as he said he came to do then all of his righteousness, purity, truth and light would all be lost. So do you believe Jesus or not?
4. The taking down of his body and its burial were evidence supporting the Levitical law death of hanging from a green living tree. Pilate allowed the body of Jesus to be taken down and given to Nicodemus and Joseph. It was Joseph who offered his tomb to lay Jesus in. It was in the earth so fulfilled the requirement of the deceased to be buried before sunset the day of his death on today’s date - April 3rd. Now it has been written these two men brought the body down from where it was hanging. Please note the dead weight of Jesus would have been beyond impossible to bring down on ladders alone. How did they take him down? The same way Jesus was lifted up and attached to the tree by ropes. These same ropes that held him up were used to quickly bring Jesus down. From there they quickly wrapped his body in cloth and carried him to the tomb. Placing him in the tomb they would have sealed the entrance with stones because of animals and the decaying smell. This was Wednesday afternoon and at sunset that afternoon began the Passover. These men touched the body of Jesus and therefore could not participate in the Passover at the Temple because they were defiled for seven days or the length of the Passover week. Passover ends Thursday night at midnight, all day Friday still a holy day and then the Sabbath begins at Friday night at sunset to sunset Saturday. There are your three days and three nights for a total as Jesus spoke of 72 hours in the heart of the earth (grave). Jesus arose from the dead with an earthquake after the sunset so the resurrection was actually just at dark Saturday April 6, 30 AD. The followers of Jesus came to the tomb early still dark on Sunday morning – predawn hours to find the stone was removed and Jesus was arisen. They came to finish preparing his body for death to find God had prepared his body for life!
5. The sealing of the Tomb is a perfect typology of the afterlife. I hate to tell you but EVERYTHING the church has taught that happens when we die is fairy tales and make believe. We take our last breath and we go into the earth. There are no immediate streets of gold and mansions. We all go to sleep. The stone in front of the tomb of Jesus reminds us that we too will remain in our death until the resurrection and the stone holding us in death is rolled away. God will shout and all will arise. The “Sea” will give up the dead in it and “Hades” will give up the dead in it and we will all stand both great and small before the Throne of God. LISTEN TO ME – Jesus is the Word of God and He is referred to as the Books that were opened including the Book of Life. All men are recorded in the Book of Life by having the Breath of God in them. This fact is contrary to popular church nonsense one has to do something to earn recording in the Book of Life. That is a lie. The earth is a great tomb that holds all of Adam (mankind) in sin and death until God calls. Then something Jesus said will now make sense. He told Peter “the gates of “HADES” will not prevail against my church. The word church is mistranslated but actually means “gathering.” The gathering is God calling all people before Him to be presented as holy, unblameable and unreproveable in the sight of God. We are sealed by Holy Spirit until that day, the Day of Redemption, with the promise of Jesus reconciling all things!
May God bless you and let us rejoice that this is the very day Jesus laid down his life for all!!
Please feel free to share these posts with others. If anyone has any questions or comments let me know.

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