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There is but One God not two, three or dozens just One. Thousands of religions each claiming they have the way to be saved. God's Word said there is but one way so my simple mind understands all of religious ways are wrong.

Did you know in the Old Testament it says to not add to, take away or amend the Word of God? The same is written in the New Testament. The Pharisees added more than 500 "laws" to the Word of God which Jesus said no man could adhere to these. Today churches are filled with rules, beliefs and dogmas all intended to drive people away from God so they can be subject to the church's wishes.

It is sad that God's simple message will never be found in any church teachings but look at the freedom when God said:

"I will make an end of sin, finish the transgression, bring about reconciliation and peace." In ending sin God destroys death. In finishing the transgression God destroys the curses upon mankind. In bringing reconciliation God ends all separation between Him and mankind. In giving peace God establishes eternal life through Him for all.

Church taught yesterday anything but these truths. They said sinners will remain in sin forever and most will never be reconciled to God. Please don't fall for their lies. All things will be reconciled to God in love, mercy and grace. You don't have to be bound by their disbeliefs any longer. Jesus came to save the whole world not just the glorified modern day Pharisees paraded around in all their worthless glory. The empty tomb was not just for the religious but for all people to be blessed.

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