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"Am I Worthy?"

Am I Worthy?

Salvation is the central question to all people. It's why the fanatical Muslims kill others. It's why fanatical Christians act in self righteousness condemning sinners. It's why eastern religions seek purity and inter peace. It's why most of the world finds confusion when seeking answers concerning salvation. How can I with assurance know once I die where I will go and will I be saved?

Most of you grew up in church but there is always a deep unanswered question ďAm I worthy. No one wants to die only to find out it was not enough or was wrong. So are you sure about what you believe? I can imagine some of you pridefully believe you are saved because you did something to acquire salvation. I hate to tell you but the very Savior you claim said there is nothing you can do so its foolishness to believe in him but not his words.

Unworthy is exactly what every person is no matter what you have done prayed or believed. God never asked or called anyone to worthiness. He calls us to knowing His blessing of how He saves us.

It's not wrapped in any religion or traditions. It's not limited by the unrighteousness of mankind. No God ordained all men unworthy but made the way truth and life whereby all will be saved not just some.

The gospel message of salvation you have heard is wrong no matter what's your religion or beliefs maybe. Godís message is I have saved all. You are not required to believe it, embrace it or earn it by anything you can do. God did it all for everyone because of our unworthiness.

Finding peace in the truth of salvation allows us to seek God without trying to earn His respect in order to be saved. It provides to each of us the peace God intended for us to live within following Him.

We are the sheep of His pasture. We the sheep are all sinners. The pasture is all of creation. Even if you are a sheep that never listened you are still His sheep and still under His care. We were all born unworthy and we all will die unworthy but we have the guaranty of God to raise all without sin prepared for reconciliation to God. It's not what anyone did but it's all about what God did for all. He saves us from all unworthiness.

Salvation is unmerited graciousness of God. Read that again and take it into your heart. Unmerited means we did nothing to deserve it. Graciousness is Godís nature of love, forgiveness and mercy to all. Our salvation is a gift from God that has nothing to do with what we can do, say or believe. It is Godís guarantee of redemption from sin and death for everyone. No matter where or how you grew up, no matter what you believe or have heard, Godís salvation was ordained before the first atom was formed and guaranteed to all of us unworthy sinners. Praise God because no religion explains Godís graciousness in its unscriptural traditions.

Your salvation was guaranteed before creation was formed. Your eternity was guaranteed before you were conceived. Do you really think something you can do, say or believe has the power and authority to determine your eternity? A foolish person tries to find dependence upon oneself when God has already accomplished salvation for all. Itís His promise so why do you believe in your imaginary salvation and not His?

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