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"In Adam"

In Adam - In Jesus

God created all things but with Adam He did something different. God took red clay, formed the body of Adam then God breathed His own breath into Adam and Adam became alive. Now here is where you may not understood the breath God placed in Adam. In that breath was the life of every person ever to be conceived including Eve. This is why the Scriptures tell us "In Adam all were made sinners." We do not only just come from Adam genetically but we are all a part of Adam still. When Adam was made all of mankind was in the formation of Adam. You have a part of that single breathe God placed in Adam 6,000 years ago. It is that connection we all have to Adam that will help you understand better this verse:

Romans 5:12 wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.

You have been taught Adam and Eve did something God told them not to do. Yes, they did but this disobedience did not created sin. If so, Adam and Eve would have been the creators of sin. The Scriptures tells us that nothing exists which was not made by God. Sin exists so sin was created by God. Sin was introduced into creation in the formation of Adam. God formed Adam with sin and the ability to sin. Adam was formed corrupted and mortal. Wait you may scream but you failed to equate "immortality" as for what it is. If Adam was made "incorruptible and immortal" as you have believed then by definition Adam would have been incapable of sinning or dying. If he could then he and Eve would have been the creators of sin thus nullifying the Scriptures of God creating all things that exists. To be clear - Adam did not make or create sin by his actions. The corruption of Adam was formulated by God in the making of Adam. As it is written God preordained before the foundation of creation was laid to one day redeem all things from corruption and death. Therefore sin and death had to be within creation's design.

Remember the Laws of Physics in which God governed Creation. All things created move towards its ending in other words all things have a beginning and ending by His design. God did not make the Heavens and the Earth perfect only to have them messed up by Adam and Eve. Clearly in Genesis 1 God said what He created was "good" not perfect. Christians mistakenly have changed that from good to perfect. The Hebrew word translated "good" means "a good thing, favored, graciously, pleasure and to be of purpose" what it never meant to be perfect, without fault, incorruptible or immortal. God did not curse Adam with mortality. No, God made the heavens and the earth to end so nothing was made to last forever. All things were made to end one day and then to be redeemed. The very curse God placed on Adam was to one day die. This curse is also a tremendous blessing in that we will not remain in sin, corrupted and mortal forever.

The power of Adamís corruption has been and will be passed upon all people at the moment of conception. But this power of Adamís corruption has limitations such as a limit of time knowing God will one day make an end of sin. The power of Adamís corruption is also limited to this life. As it is written the wages of sin is death so our corruption ends with death. Our resurrection one day will be God raising all from sin caused death to everlasting life. Tomorrow we will look at the next part of Adamís corruption to see the guarantee of Godís redemption.

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