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"In Christ"

In Christ

Yesterday we spoke at length concerning our sinfulness and connection to Adam. In spite of some popularly beliefs, there are none of us righteous even though some sects within Christianity falsely claim a status of righteousness. It is our unrighteousness, our corruption, our mortality and our separation from Holiness that nullifies any effort to save ourselves. Can anyone do anything to facilitate, coordinate or participate in obtaining salvation? The answer is no one can and it is by God's design. That is not an opinion but a stated Scriptural fact.

So our sinfulness is established and in sin all will eventually die. The great news is God has already fixed that problem along with His personal guarantees. Look at these verses that finish the thought of being in Adam and our sinfulness.

1Corinthinans 15:22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

Through my many years of teaching the Scriptures I have had several pastors and teachers try to argue the totality of all people being sinners but that the "all" on the Christ side is considerably smaller and weaker. In that case the same Greek word was translated in the second "all" in the verse above would be incorrect. The definition of the Greek word means "all, any, the whole or every." What it does not mean in any case is a smaller portion. If God knew only a few people would be saved He would have said "Everyone is a sinner in Adam but Jesus will save some of them." That is not what was stated by God. All means all!

Think with me for a moment the power of the Lamb of God:

- died for the all the sins of the whole world

- Power over death

- power over separation in order to reconcile one day all things in the Cosmos

-created all things

-power of life and light which death and darkness has no power over him

-promises to reconcile all things of all of creation unto himself

-promises to make all things new and the old passes away being made anew incorruptible and immortal

Now think about religious beliefs concerning the Lamb of God (as you will see many of them are your beliefs):

-died so some will have a chance to be saved

-died so to cover only the sins of those that accept or believe in him

-power over death is limited to those that accept him

-did not create free will, sin or death

-not all powerful and has no power over the free will of man, the devil and lost souls in the war with the devil

-does not reconcile all things but most of creation remains in sin, death, corruption and mortality

-does not make all things new as it is written

All means all in the Scriptures. What it does not mean is that “all” means some. God's promises are guarantees not subject to man's will or choice. God stated He will reconcile all things which means to become One with all things. One must wonder why do religions not simply believe in what God says?

I have a thought to share........many believe in God but very few believe Him

Which are you? Just a believer or one that trusts God, knows God, believes in His promises and Word and places all of salvation in dependence upon God. Which are you?

Jesus said the demons "believe" and tremble but would you call demons "disciples" of Jesus? The Word Book Encyclopedia "believes" in Jesus and has many articles on him but does it "believe him?" Many Christians believe in God but very few believe Him. Believing in Him should mean you believe His Words.

Love the Lord with all your heart and believe in His Words.

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