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"God is..."

God is

We tend to try to compartmentalize God placing Him in little pegged holes so He fits one’s religious beliefs. As I was jogging this morning I was mediating on a verse that simply states “God is love.” With God’s perfection then everything He is, everything He does and everything He plans cannot be without perfect love.

So when I got home today I used a Bible program to find in the text where you would have the words “God is” listed. Over 160 places most of which were not applicable but in the end I found these are the defining characteristics of God:


God is a Consuming Fire

God is One Lord

God is jealous

God is gracious and merciful

God is mighty

God is great

God is holy

God is pure

God is true

God is a Spirit

God is eternal life

God is faithful

God is light

God is love

I found in the Scriptures 14 specific references that God gave us so that we can know Who God is. Each of these 14 attributes of God cannot and do not exist without perfect harmony with the other attributes. In other words God is jealous must exist with the other 13 including love, mercy and graciousness. God’s Holiness must include faithfulness, purity, mercy and life including the other 9 attributes. God’s attributes do not exist separated from the others.

As you focus on these wonderful attributes of God then allow yourself to see God’s salvation in each of those attributes as His personal guarantee to save us all. Allow me to take a single quote from God:

“It is His Will that no man shall perish but all come into the knowledge of Him.”

God promises to save all and reconcile all unto Himself. In this promise you will find all 14 of God’s stated attributes. Let me take a few of them with the God saving everyone. God is jealous so He would not allow people He loves and created to suffer for all eternity in damnation separated from Him. If He did then His attributes of love, mercy, graciousness, eternal life, faithfulness, purity, might, greatness and truth would all have failed God’s promised relationship with creation and His Word.

Today spend some time pondering these 14 attributes of God and think about what you believe. To know God is to learn Who He is. What God is not is a liar, a failure, unforgiving, unmerciful, untruthful and not to be trusted. To believe God does not reconcile everyone unto Himself, save everyone, make all things new with the old passing away and giving eternal life to all MAKES GOD something that He is not. Do you really want to continue believing God is the very things He says He is not? I hate to tell you this but you will not find out much about God listening in church. Discovering God comes first from you personally getting to know Him. It does not come from you telling Him Who to be.

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