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Your Witness….
When asked to witness or give your testimony does it start with “I have attended this church since” or “I believe” or “I accepted Jesus when I was?” See there is one huge problem with this testimony. It is all about the big “I” – yourself. Any testimony about yourself is and will always be ineffective. When the testimony becomes more about you and little to nothing on God then it is doomed for failure.
No one has ever accused me of being a baseball player. I played little league one year before I found out I needed glasses! That one year I got a grand total of 3 hits so not exactly a pitcher’s nightmare! My batting average comes to .07. The reason I told you the embarrassing story of my baseball records is to make a point about being an effective witness. It is about results.
You may be a pastor, a teacher, a youth leader, a committed church leader or just a normal church member but that does not in any way make you effective witness. The size of the audience you speak before is just like the number of “bats” I had in baseball. A few “hits” with many at bats just lowers your average. So how effective are you? How many people would you say you have “led” to God in your life time?
These are hard questions but it strikes at the heart of your witness and its effectiveness. We are told to share the Gospel Message. Being effective in doing what God instructed us to do requires two things, first the correct Gospel Message and secondly commitment. One day a pastor calls me to brag his church last year had nearly 400 people “come to the Lord.” So I responded “you have more than 250 sermons a year with an average attendance of well over a thousand per service. That equates to less than reaching 1.5 persons per thousand.” In other words that church had a very ineffective message. I will remind you that the blind squirrel will find an occasional nut.
If your witness contains the words “I or if” then it fails with its message. The “I” in your witness will point your message to being about you. We are all dirty rotten unrighteous sinners so exactly what do “you or me” have worth sharing about us? We are called to share the GREAT MESSAGE that God will save all through the perfect gift of His Lamb Jesus. The “if” in your message clearly states “if you want to be like me a saved wonderful person then you need to do this.” Where is God’s perfect gift and its wonderful message in that trashy nonsense?
God gave His promise before the creation was formed that He would send His perfect Word to come into this world to save us all. It is God’s promise and His guarantee that all will be saved and reconciled unto His loving arms. There is the Gospel Truth we should be sharing. Believe me dozens of angry Christians have yelled at me at this point so you are not the first nor am I impressed. They all stated in unionism “why witness if everyone is saved?” You witness because God said to carry His message and because you love Him. The fact you are absolutely and perfectly saved by God and not some requirement you accomplish is SO WORTH sharing!
An effective witness must have that message combined with the love and commitment to God to share to the world.
If God only saves those that do something to receive or earn salvation then look at His batting average:
101 million have prayed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior according to church stats
7 billion people in the world
EQUALS God’s batting average of .0014
So according to your testimony, my pitiful baseball career average without glasses was 6 times better than God’s record for saving people. Now you know why having the wrong message results in ineffective results. So when I hear the testimony, sermons, and teachings in churches I hear – “come be like us and trust God for He will save only those that will come to Him but if you don’t you will forever be lost.” That message really means God failed miserably at being truthful, honest and loving. According to your testimony as given you testify that 6.9 billion people alive today will be forever lost and unreconciled to God. These "lost" according to your testimony will remain in the very sin and death God promised He would make an end of in everlasting peace and mercy. The Savior you preach and follow can’t even do the one thing he said he came here to do which is to save the world and you wonder why your message is not often heard. That message is not what Jesus sent us to share.

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