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"Hell Beliefs"

Hell Beliefs

The word "Hell" comes from a Celtic Witchcraft word that denotes the flaming torment of eternal damnation for those that die and have opposed the teachings of witchcraft. So when you use that word in your beliefs or in church remember you are quoting and professing your belief in witchcraft teachings.

Nowhere in the Word of God is there a concept, belief or teaching of a place called "hell." As a preacher once yelled at me "Hell is real," I wonder why the notion of hell holds such a powerful influence on Christians. From my experience Christians maintain several reasons for its support such as:

- God wants vengeance on sinners

- God wants to put sinners in torment so He can bless the righteous

- The saved want nothing more than see all sinners in damnation

- The saved don't want to believe God would save all sinners

What is your reason? There is no original Greek or Hebrew Manuscript that has the word hell in it much less the concept. So why then is it more important to you than your own salvation? Yes, I have witnessed many a Christian state emphatically I would rather not go to heaven if everyone will be there. Such stupidity!

Jesus came to save the world and so that the world and all of creation would be in a state of being saved. Jesus will reconcile all things unto himself. God will make an end of sin and reconcile all things bringing about everlasting peace. So you have minds and capacity to think where does or can a place like hell exist if God is true?

There lies your problem in believing church traditions over the Word of God. The foolishness needs to stop and it must begin with you believing God.

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