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"Individualism Verses the Scriptures"

Individualism Verses the Scriptures
Pagan religions have and have had one central theme they all share. That theme is each individual has control over their eternity. It is taught where one ends up after death is determined by actions taken while that person is alive.

The Word of God is vastly different than the paganism so taught in today's religions and churches. God's Word sees all of mankind not as individuals but as a whole. "In Adam we were all made sinners" establishes the mindset of God's view of mankind. He does not see us as individuals for salvation but as salvation of the single wholeness of mankind. As from Adam we are all made sinners, Jesus will make all of us whole, saved and complete through his perfect sacrifice.

Mankind in its physical state of life is bound by sin and death. All men are in bondage of corruption and mortality incapable of doing anything to release those bonds. God through His Perfect Lamb will set all of mankind free from sin and death and from corruption and mortality through the resurrection and reconciliation of all things. Look at this promise from God:

“Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.” (Romans 8:21)

Rejoice and remember that one day we will all be delivered from death unto life and from sinfulness into perfection. It is not in anything we may have said, done, believed or prayed. It is all by the unmerited, unearned and perfect gift from God to undeserving mankind all by and through the Love of God.

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