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This "buzz" word is spoken quite often in religious beliefs and services. We hear eternal life, eternal damnation, eternal death, eternal separation, eternal torment and the list goes on. Simply put, God is eternal and NOTHING ELSE. In the beginning was God and nothing else. Whatever exists was made by Him and all things made will come to an ending. So nothing is eternal but God.

Wait, I hear you screaming "eternal life!" Let me repeat it one more time so maybe the truth will sink in - there is nothing eternal but God. He will make all things new and the old will pass away. Eternal life is IN GOD AND IS GOD. All things will become new and will be reconciled first into Jesus as the Word of God. Then Jesus will all things reconciled in him will return in presentation to the Lord God having completed Jesus' purpose of saving all of creation. The Word of God will return to God and eternal life in God as we will all be in Him. We will all be in eternal life in Him!

Any and all uses of the word eternal, everlasting, or forever through mistranslations are a disservice and a robbing of God's glory. There is nothing eternal but God. There is nothing everlasting but God. By God's design and blessings He will change all things so to return to Him from where we all came in perfect reconciliation. That is the truth not a collection of man made buzz words thrown around in church.

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