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"Bible Message"

Bible Message
There are over 500 major Denominations each with vastly different thoughts, beliefs and focus of following God. Throw on top of that thousands of other religions that in truth ever religion shares many common characteristics. It is so easy to be a "Christian" and think you have the right answer and a monopoly on God. The same opinion is shared by ever religion so there is no monopoly on God.

People are religious for some very simple reasons. It makes you feel comfortable with eternity. It gives you hope while living in a world of problems. It provides you a spiritual purpose. All of these don't add up to a hill of beans if what you are following is wrong.

Think about the issue with salvation. Christianity teaches a person needs to do something as defined by their particular sect in order to be saved. It is an individual approach that is 180 degrees opposite of God's Word view of mankind as a whole. Christianity's teachings on salvation are also totally opposite of Jesus, the Apostles and Prophets taught. So do you really believe your salvation that is contrary to the Word of God is right and God is wrong?

You have two choices in life. Believe God Who said He has done it all in order for the world to be saved OR believe you can do something God said was impossible. A really foolish person believes he is outside the design of God and His declared Word. Christianity is such a fool.

God saved the world. It is that simple. God wants you to follow Him, believe Him and place all your trust in Him. Following lies will NEVER lead you to God so what is your purpose of having faith in untruths?

Do you doubt me and think I am wrong about Christianity then you should HAVE NO PROBLEM DESTROYING what I have said. In fact Godís Word states if I am wrong then:

2Corinthians 13:8 For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.

Prove what I am saying is wrong or live admitting you are believers in lies and untruths contrary to the Word of God.

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