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"Eye Opening Experience"

Eye Opening Experience:
Let us suppose you walk up tomorrow to a wonderfully soothing sound. As you open your eyes you are surrounded by indescribable beauty and peace. You find yourself without pain, worries or problems. You realize all your sins are gone and you fully and completely understand everything. You body has been transformed into perfection. Then you see standing before you the Lord of All. In perfect love He begins to tell you all He has done for you and how much He loves you. You see the scars on His hands and feet along with the marks upon His head which remind you of His sacrifice. Best of all you look around you and find every person that was ever conceived are all standing with you with the exact same realizations that you are experiencing. At that glorious moment in unison every person drops to their knees proclaiming He is Lord!

One day everyone will stand in this same moment realizing everything, everyone and all things will be perfectly reconciled to God. Is it really that hard to imagine “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord?” Then you in perfect peace will remember God’s Word and His Will “that no man shall perish but all come into the knowledge of Him.” This is God’s Truth.

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