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"How will you be judged"

How Will You Be Judged?
Everyone will be judge for what they have done...... period end of sentence. I don't care whether you are some "saved saint" since early childhood you will be judged. You will be found just as guilty as the worst of the worst sinner that ever walked this planet. All have sinned and everyone us fall WAY short of the perfection of God.

But know this truth in Romans 2:16 we will be judged "by Jesus Christ according to my Gospel." The problem is most people (Christians and Non-Christians alike) have no clue what is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His Gospel is that Jesus same so that the whole world be saved. You and I will be judged not determined by our thoughts, beliefs or actions but by the fact Jesus is Lord of All. We are saved by the graciousness of God not in anything we can do, should do or may have done. We are saved by God's unmerited salvation which is the Gospel that all will be judged by.

So rejoice in the truth our salvation is not in some made up Roman Road or some made up Sinner's Prayer. We are saved perfectly and completely by what Jesus did for all. That is the Gospel Truth!

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