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"Scriptural Day"

Scriptural Day
I have often spoken that in order to understand the Scriptures that you need to think and read with a Hebrew understanding. One such issue surrounds a date. Look at the end of Genesis 1:5 as it reads, "And the evening and the morning were the first day."

The Scriptures speak of a day as beginning at sundown and lasting until the next sunset. So the evening is the beginning of the day. Jesus died at the ninth hour of daylight which is about 3:00 in the afternoon. He was in the "heart of the earth" for 3 full days. So three full evenings and three full days thus making his timeline as follows:

Wednesday April 3, 30 A.D.
Gave up his life around 3:00
They placed him in the Tomb shortly before sunset

Thursday (Passover April 4, or 15th Day of Nisan in the Jewish calendar)
Evening and Morning Day 1

Friday (Day after Passover April 5)
Evening and Morning Day 2

Saturday (Normal Sabbath April 6)
Evening and Morning Day 3)

Resurrection of Jesus occurred immediately after sunset on Saturday April 6th which is a Jewish Sunday 17th Day of Nisan. As noted in the Scriptures, Mary and the other women went to the Tomb in the night before the sun rose that morning. So Jesus' resurrection occurred at night not at sunrise.

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