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"Destroying Your Witness by Your Beliefs"

Destroying Your Witness by Your Beliefs

If you listen in church you will quickly determine that the mindset is that each person has to make a decision about their salvation. This false mindset comes from the church's inability to read and understand the Word of God. The Word of God states God sent Jesus "to be the Savior of the World." God did not send Jesus to take away some sins or to save a few. No, there is clearly no authority that is subleased to mankind or even individuals that empowers then to not only negate the Word of God but to make God out as a failure, a liar and untruthful.

Simple question "Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world." Did Jesus do this or not? So the church's belief effectively voids the redemptive purpose of Jesus and negates the Will of God.

Simple Question "Jesus the Christ will reconcile all things unto himself whether they be things in the heavens or in the earth." So what's left over unreconciled and not brought into oneness with Jesus if he says all things will be reconciled to him? The truth is the church preaches and stands firmly in opposition to the Lordship of God and the very Savior He gave in order to save the whole world.

Simple Question "God is Lord of All." So why does the church teach the lost have more power than God? Did God give away His Law, Will and Designed Purpose just to have a person make God less than the person? That is what all you Christians say everyday or every week...... God's Will shall not be done and to hell with the lost. Do you not know God said He promised to make an end of sin and bring about everlasting reconciliation and peace? The very notion any of you foolishly believe you have the power to make God a liar is insane.

It is time each of you stop with these childish religious games and come to know the truth. Jesus is the Savior of the World and all of mankind will be saved.

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