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"No Room for Error"

No Room for Error

God's Word is perfect and true. It was not written in English so all those "Bibles" you have laying around are not the Word of God. They are filled with mistakes, omissions, errors and downright purposeful lies. Sorry to be so direct but you need to know the sandy foundation your faith is built upon.

God's Word is not a collection of maybes or hope this happens. No, God's Word is assured to be perfectly just as it is written. Christianity has robbed you of knowing Godís guarantees. You worry about the tomorrow's because the book you trust had people fill it with hundreds of limiting words like "might, maybe or could" instead of the way God gave it to us as a perfect guarantee.

I am not mad at Christianity. I am mad that the message delivered and embraced by Christians is not based on the Word of God. The message given to the world by Jesus and the Apostles is no way near to the hollow manmade perversions enshrined in Christianity today.

I have spoken often and bluntly about hundreds of mistakes in doctrine taught by the church. If I am so wrong then why has there not been "Christians" to stand up to confront me? The few times they do it is with personal attacks because each of them knew their position was clearly contrary to the Word of God. It did not matter to them because the truth does not matter in their religion. All that matters is maintaining the pretty church buildings and make believe world of their religious beliefs.

God has but One Truth. His Will is that all will be saved and come into the knowledge of Him. Reconciliation is not a word preach or believed in church today. Christians are too busy pulling humanity apart to see and understand God's love for all people. Division is what paid for the fancy church buildings not the love of God. If you don't believe me listen carefully to the message you deliver - it is all about "us saved inside the church walls."

I am sure thankful God is nothing like the god spoken of, believed in and taught in church today. In reality that god is very limited in truth, love, forgiveness and mercy. Only foolish people believe in the mist vapor of a god so unbelievable. The common lie spoken revolves around people being what one has to do in order to be saved. This message is in spite of God saying it was impossible to do anything to be saved. So Christians trust in their god who they think does something to save them and set them apart from all the rest of the damned souls. Their god divides but the One True God reconciles and saves. The problem is church god is a fable without merit that has lead billions away from knowing the promises of God.

So I am calling on you to listen and turn to God. I am calling you to come to know Who God is and what He has in store for all people. Forget your silly notions of mansions and pearly gates, learn to love the Lord and living in His presence. It is to enjoy Him now not just when you are dead and gone.

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