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"Make Reconciliation for Iniquity"

God said He will "Make reconciliation for iniquity"

This phrase comes from the Book of Daniel 9:24 as a part of a very important message from God to the world. In this verse God had already promised to eliminate sin and any effect of sin's prior existence. Now think about that for a moment because God said He was going to wipe the slate totally clean for every sin, mistake, rejection or malfunction for all the sins of the world. That means every sin and with it any negative effect on every sinner. Now you know the meaning of "Behold, the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world."

So to this phrase "make reconciliation for iniquity" and how does it flow with what God has done to sin? It actually comes from just two Hebrew words. Here is the definition along with a AND showing you where the definition slips the two words:

"To cancel, cover, atone, cleanse, forgive, pardon, purge, put off and reconcile" AND "evil, iniquity, faults, and sin."

Now ask yourself this question....Holy Perfect Lord God forgives all sins and all sinners to perfectly reconcile all things unto Himself then why would you believe in eternal damnation or people lost forever in sin?

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