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"To Bring in Everlasting Righteousness"

"To bring in Everlasting Righteousness"

This phrase from Daniel 9:24 will have many people just scanning past it not giving the credit it actually deserves. Simply - God is righteous and nothing else. Creation is anything but righteous and that includes all people both alive and dead. So for God to say this phrase means something wonderfully important.

Look at the Hebrew word that is translated "to bring" which by definition means "to come, abide, apply, attain, bring, call, to pull in, or to set." Thus you can see the element of righteousness does not come from unrighteousness but can only come from God. This is why the phrase is so important. Every religion delivers the same message that the person has the power and authority to determine not only their eternity but the goodness defined their life style. This thought or belief is contrary to the Word of God that states "there are none righteous no not one."

So God brings His righteousness into the end of creation by changing of all things into newness. This newness by His design eliminates all unrighteousness and replaces it with righteousness. A great visual example is light and darkness. We understand light but darkness is only defined by the absence of light. When light is presence then there is no place for darkness. In the same manner God will bring all things to an ending but recreate all things again new formed of Light and righteousness. Corruption, mortality and darkness will cease to exist by God's design. Those things only exist today because of God's purpose for redemption.

Each of us should look forward to God's salvation and the newness of life everlasting in His Light and Presence. There is nothing we had to do in order to receive this unmerited gift. So we need to stop thinking we had a hand in it!

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