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"Consider the Vision"

"And consider the vision"

God spoke the Words written in Daniel 9:23 just before He gave us the wonderful promises of verse 24. But it is this phrase that is so important! It comes from two Hebrew words that mean - "to understand the viewed appearance." So God wants each of us to read, meditate and to understand the vision He is giving. When you see that God is promising to take away all sin and the effects of sinfulness, to bring about everlasting peace and to reconcile all things unto Himself in perfect harmony, then you should understand the importance of this phrase.

The truth is VERY FEW in the church bother to listen to God or His Promises given in these verses. Would church preach about eternal damnation if it KNEW God promised to remove any effect of sin? Would the church believe in souls lost for all eternity if it KNEW God promised to reconcile all things? Would the church hold to the teaching of unreconciliation if it KNEW God promised to finish the transgression of mankind once and for all in His graciousness?

You see most of what the church teaches is actually contrary to the Word of God and even worst the church would rather believe the lies than learn the truth. Fools follow fools, lack of wisdom embraces the unwise, and the false teaching loves the illogical teachings of man. The bottom line is not a one of you have the excuse you didn't know better. I am here to serve and to answer questions about God and His Word. Tim

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