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"Merry Christmas Message"

"For born to you this day in the City of David is a Savior......and he will be a blessing to all of mankind."

Sometimes the simplest of words have the most profound impact. Most people have heard Savior and Jesus used interchangeable but often stop well short of understanding their meaning. 

Savior in the Greek means "deliverer from a root word that means to save, to rescue to deliver.) In the Hebrew the word means "to bring having salvation or to save." 

In the Bible there were many great leaders that saved many people like King David and Moses but neither of these great leaders were Saviors. The difference is these men saved many from being killed or captured. Jesus as the Savior delivers us from sin and death. A Savior does not save you from dying but saves you from our sins that results in our death. A Savior delivers from death but in doing so guarantees life that is within him.

This season is a celebration of Jesus' birth but more importantly it is the remembrance of that message given by the Angels - A Savior and he will be a blessing to all of mankind.

Jesus laid down his life to save all people. Those are not my words by his Words. So this Christmas stop to give thanks that Jesus did not just save a few people like Moses and David from being killed. No, Jesus is the Savior of the Whole World and the Whole World shall be saved by its Savior sent by God to redeem the world from sin and death. 

A Savior brings salvation and eternal life as a blessing to all of mankind. Believing he did less than that is an inexcusable and mindless failure on your part.

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