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I would assume the greatest obstacle many Christians have to salvation for all is the issue of unbelief. How can God save someone that does not believe in Him? Since you have heard that saying all your life maybe you should think about for a moment. Is a person's unbelief great enough to circumvent God's Will and desire? God sent His perfect Lamb to save the world BUT LO AND BEHOLD many people believe that any person that does not believe is more powerful than God. They believe a personís unbelief can utterly destroy any effectiveness of God's Redemptive Plan all with a tiny matter of human unbelief. I am sorry but that mentally borders on insanity. Even God thinks so as you read:

Rom 3:3 For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?

We are saved by God's faith in His perfect Lamb that came to save the world and to remove sin and death. So do you really think a person's unbelief can make the faith of God vanish into nothingness?

I only wish I could find a church anywhere that holds the simple and basic Scriptural beliefs as true. If any of you know of such a church please let me know. I am looking for a church that believes:

God sent Jesus to save the world and Jesus did it!
God will eliminate sin and death making either of them of no effect on mankind one day!
God is love and His Will shall be done that no person will perish unsaved!
The Gospel Message is Jesus came in order that the whole world be saved!
God's Word is perfect and true but it was not written in English!

Now can anyone tell me that I should attend churches that do not believe these things but actually speaks out against God in their unbeliefís?

Please let me know if you know of a church that believes the truth. I am dying to go to a church that is not pagan in nature. There are a lot of nice pagan worshipping centers all around my house filled with committed people. I am looking for a church that is Scriptural based in their beliefs and teachings. If they don't follow what I wrote above please don't try to tell me they are Scriptural based.

Pagan Based Churches Teach:

People are lost in eternal damnation because the church does not believe Jesus saved the world.
God will never eliminate sin and death as He said.
God loves them but He hates the unsaved sinners that He plans to send to eternal damnation.
The pagan gospel message is Jesus came to give you an opportunity to be saved but only if you do what is required to obtain or receive salvation.
Their English Bibles are true and they are perfectly happy ignoring the lies, mistakes and changes to all of Godís Promises to mankind.
The Pagan Church is the authority of truth not the Word of God.

Wow I bet most of you are mad because I told you the truth. So what does that say about you and your beliefs?

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