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Melchisedec, King of Salem
It is written Jesus is of the Priesthood of Melchisedec. He was without mother or father. He was the King of Salem. Anyone that teaches Melchisedec was a man would be wrong. So let us look at who he is and what does this mean to us.

First clue is that Melchisedec was without mother or father. This fact denotes several things:

(-) He was not human
(-) He was without sin and not subject to the curses of Genesis 3 or death.
(-) He was eternal but realize only God is eternal so there is something special about him.
(-) He has the authority to not only offer but to receive sacrifices for God.
(-) He is to serve his people as the spokesman and conduit to God.

He is not human, sinless, immortal, eternal, with all authority and the conduit to God. Only Jesus fits these characteristics. Jesus came from God not his mother. He was born of Mary but not of her biology/DNA/Human Nature. Without our corrupted human nature, Jesus came sinless as the perfect Lamb of God. Jesus is the Word of God as it is written the Word was with God and the Word was God as all things were created by the Word. Jesus as the Word is God therefore is eternal. Through God's love He gave of Himself His Word to offer the Word as the only sacrifice needed to redeem all of mankind from sin and death. It was God's promise and through the Word formed the conduit to reconcile mankind again unto God.

Second clue is that Melchisedec is a King. He was not just the King of a nation or region. Melchisedec was the King of Salem. Now some will say Salem is the original name for Jerusalem and they would be correct but there is much more to the story. The Word Salem or Shalem (Shalom) means peace. So this is a combination of two states. First, the state of eternal peace can only come from salvation, redemption and reconciliation by God. He promised to bring everlasting to peace to the world and that peace is the King of Salem (Peace) as His Word Jesus. The second state is earthly government. Jesus as the King of Salem will establish an earthly Kingdom and will reign from Jerusalem for 1,000 years. During this reign there will be no sin, no death and no sorrow. At the end of this reign the power of God will allow the corruption of those living to be unbridled for a short period of time. The reason is simple "it is appointed once for all men to die." The death of all people must be in the condition of sinfulness which is contrary to what some of you believe. The wages or result of sin is death and not a one of you will escape death so you and I are all sinners and in sin. Thus Jesus will be King of Peace and King of All Creation.

Third Clue is the authority as a Holy Priest. No one of the Tribe of Levi is holy. They are all sinners so unworthy to offer the Lamb of God. Jesus as the Lamb of God had to offer himself to himself as not only the sacrifice but the High Priest to kill the sacrifice. In other words Jesus had to present obedient unto death and he had to be the one that takes his own life as a sacrifice. The taking of his life as a perfect sacrifice allows Jesus to have authority over all things. That authority is not shared but given by God. Some of you run around thinking you have the authority to decide to accept Jesus or not. WRONG you have no authority but are nothing more than a slave to sin and death. You will remain a slave until you die but in that death you are released from the chains of sin and death by the Word of God. All of mankind has the promise of redemption, the resurrection from death and the guarantee of God that He will save and reconcile all unto Himself. This wonderful promise is through the perfect sacrifice presented by a perfect High Priest that gave himself in order to save all of creation. Christians spend so much time thinking of personal salvation that they fail miserably to understand the Word will save all of creation - everything will be reconciled to become One with the Word of God then the Word of God will return reconciled to God fulfilling all the promises of God to us.

Forth clue is the Melchisedec is the conduit to God. It is written, "No one comes unto the Father except by me." This verse is actually a denoting of a specific channel that brings us to God. This channel word maybe is better understood to read, "No one comes unto the Father except through me." The key is understanding the word "through (by)." In order for mankind to return to God mankind must come through Jesus. The reason is that all things including mankind were created by the Word of God. Therefore we can only return to God through the Creation Conduit which is the Word of God. Think of this as a simple flow chart. Starting with in the beginning there was nothing but God....

God said His Word
Creation came by His Word
Creation returns through His Word
His Word returns perfectly reconciling all of creation to God.

As you can see God's design for Creation was to one day soon reconcile all things back perfectly to His loving arms. The truth about Melchisedec is he is God's conduit to redeem all of mankind and creation back to Him through the same pathway that created all things.

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