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"Infallible Truth"

"Infallible Proofs"
This phrase comes from a single Greek Word that means "a defining fact or criterion of certainty." This word is simply indisputable truth without error or limitation. As I sat here studying this word I thought it would be interesting to share with you some of the "Infallible Proofs" concerning the Word of God. As you will see quickly much of what you hear every Sunday in church falls well outside of believing and teaching these infallible truths from the Word of God.

Infallible Proof 1
Jesus is the Savior of the Whole World. If you believe anything less then you don't believe Jesus is the Savior.

Infallible Proof 2
Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. If you believe sin or people in sin remain then God's Lamb failed to take away the sins of the world.

Infallible Proof 3
All things will become new at the end of creation. If you believe in hell and eternal damnation, then you do not believe that God will make all things new.

Infallible Proof 4
All things will be reconciled unto Jesus Christ. If you believe in most people remaining unreconciled for all eternity then you do not believe Jesus will reconcile all things.

Infallible Proof 5
God is love. If you believe God will punish people forever not only unreconciled to Him but also in the very sins His Lamb came to take away, then you don't believe in the Love of God.

Infallible Proof 6
God is Perfect and Complete. If you don't believe God, then you believe He is imperfect and will not fulfill His promises contained in His Word.

Infallible Proof 7
God said He would make an end of sin and eliminate any effect of sin's prior existence. If you believe people are lost in sin forever, then you don't believe what God said.

Infallible Proof 8
Every knee shall bow and ever person proclaim He is Lord. If you believe most people will never accept God, then you do not believe in the Authority of the Word of God. Every knee bowing and accepting means all not some.

Infallible Proof 9
All people both great and small will stand before the Throne of God. If you believe you go to heaven when you die, then you do not believe God's Word when it states all sleep in the earth until the Resurrection of the Dead.

Infallible Proof 10
God said He would reconcile all things and bring about everlasting peace. If you believe most of mankind will suffer in eternal damnation, then you don't believe in God's Promise of Everlasting Peace.

Infallible Proof 11
God's Will is not just His hopes but a defined and specific outcome that all of mankind will come into the knowledge and love of Him. By believing in the saved and unsaved you clearly state God's Will shall NOT be done.

Infallible Proof 12
God's mercy, graciousness, forgiveness and love are without limitation. If every person does not receive the salvation of God as promised then God is far less than perfect by limiting His graciousness to mankind.

Infallible Proof 13
Jesus said that I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes unto the Father except by me. In Revelation 20 it is written all men great and small stand before the Throne of God. They could ONLY get there by and through the salvation of Jesus Christ. If you believe most people are lost then you do not believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth or the Life.

Infallible Proof 14
God's Word says all things will become new and the old will pass away. If you believe people remain in sin and death then you do not believe God or the wonderful promises He gave to all people.

Infallible Proof 15
The Angels said to the shepherds at the birth of Jesus "for unto you born this day in the City of David is a Savior and he will be a blessing to all men." If you don't believe Jesus is the Savior of all of mankind then you do not believe the Messengers of God and the Great News given at the birth of Jesus.

Infallible Proof 16
Jesus said, "For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life." Curious why so many don't believe Jesus' Words? Did you know the Words Jesus said that day had a translation problem when it went to English? Jesus did not say "whosoever" as in if you did something to receive his gift of salvation. Jesus actually said, "All to believe in him not to perish but to have eternal life." Jesus said ALL TO BELIEVE IN HIM not some, not a few but ALL. Why do you not believe Jesus?

While we could go on and on with Infallible Truths, I would ask that you take them one at a time and evaluate your life with these truths. Examine them slowly and purposely to see if what you believe matches up to these. If not, then you need to change your beliefs because they are misaligned. Don't go through life with messed up beliefs but be anchored to the Truth and the Word of God.

I will prayerful ask you to send this message to others so that God's Word may become a greater message in their lives but also to encourage more fruitfulness in their service to God. So I will ask you to forward this to 5 people that you love and respect that love the Lord.

Please share with me your thoughts and why these 16 Infallible Truths are not 100% correct. If you cannot dispel them then it is the season to correct the alignment of your beliefs to be more consistent with God's Word and not the teachings of man. Bless each of you!

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