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I have met many Christians that claim to be "sinless" all because they accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Sinless they are not but what they are simply misinformed by lack of study. God's Word states all people are sinners. Anyone should be able to read and know all have sinned. If you mindlessly think you are not a sinner then ask yourself this question - Will you die one day? You will die because you are a sinner and living in sin. It is a lie if anyone says they are without sin or sin has no effect upon them. If you were sinless and sin has no effect on you then you would not ever die. It is pure foolishness to believe people are sinless.

In the Book of James it describes an example. Say you look at just two of the commandments say adultery and murder. If you run around saying you have not committed adultery but you have murdered someone then you are a transgressor of the law. There are billions of ways to sin and many ways may not even seem like a sin. In fact Jesus reminded us that we can murder by just hating someone. If any of you say you have not committed adultery or fortification then I know you are lying because those sins can be easily committed by our thoughts and desires.

Mankind was created mortal and corrupted. We were made sinful not perfect. We were made to require God's redemption from sin and death. The church for years has tried to falsely teach Adam was made perfect but he sinned. It was not Adam or Eves action that caused our mortality or corruptive nature. God designed us that way. I would wager that many of you have run around for years thinking Adam took a bite of the fruit and created sin. WRONG! It is written that nothing exists that was not made by God? Sin exists therefore God made sin and death. We were not made sinless nor will we be sinless or even close to it while alive in the flesh. So everyone please get that foolish notion out of your heads. Does a sinner exist? Yes, so know this that God created the sinner too!

Once all of mankind has eventually died, it is written, "It is appointed once for all men to die" then the resurrection will occur. God will raise all people but no in the sinful state we all died in. No, God promises to redeem all of us from sin and death. He will do away with sin, death and our state of unreconciliation. He will redeem all of us and reconcile us into eternal life in Oneness with Him.

If any among you claims to be without sin, put a sticker note on their forehead for their foolishness! Stay away from them for the truth is not in them nor do the desire to follow the truth. Only a self righteous religious pervert would claim sinlessness during this life time.

It so sadden me to know the lies the church teaches. These lies rob its members of the blessings God has ordained for them to enjoy on this earth. The religious church strives to stomp these promises of God under foot so the people will not be blessed as God intended. Don't let the pagan church and its leaders rob you any longer of the joys of the Lord and His truths. Arise and come to know the truth of God's Word and its many blessings meant for you to enjoy.

As a dirty rotten nobody sinner, it is a blessing I enjoy to know God has already accomplished the saving of all people through the gift of His Perfect Lamb. To be able to fully trust my eternity is safe and secure in His Word provides to me such comfort. I am able to live life trusting in the Word of God and not be burdened with the sorry hogwash taught by Christianity. Their hogwash is contrary to the Word of God. God has given to each of us the security of eternal life and the promise that He is with us always even unto the end of time.

Now each of you can go through life believing you have done what is needed to be saved but you need to remember Jesus and Paul both said what you believe is impossible. I am not sure what possible benefit you have living on some hope of a miracle that goes against God. So you can trust in yourself or God. Believing you are saved through what you did or accepted is not in any way trusting God.

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