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"Barren and Unfruitful"

Barren and Unfruitful
You will find these terms in 2 Peter 1:8. These are written in reference to having knowledge of Jesus Christ. The statement in this verse addresses God's desire that He does not want you or me to be barren or unfruitful. So it would be good to know what those terms meant in the original Greek.

"Barren" is not used to describe a female that cannot have a child although you have seen that usage numerous times. The Greek word used here actually means "inactive, unemployed, lazy, idle, slow, and useless." I am in no way trying to bring any credit to my life or walk with the Lord in saying this BUT most pew sitting Christians can easily be described as inactive, unemployed, lazy, idle, slow and useless.

Inactive - do you really think going to church every Sunday makes you active? Being active is taking part in the ministry that God has called each of us to serve in. It is not defined by a couple hours a year serving in a soup line or folding a few clothes in the homeless ministry. What if I said, "I go to the gym twice a year?" Now, you would know without a doubt that my physical being would be more akin to a marsh mellow. Inactivity as a Christian is a weak and useless taker up of space. God is calling each of us to be active, involved and successful in the labors of our calling.

Unemployed - think of the term as it would relate to the job market. You have no job. The same is true to many Christians in that you have zero in being employed in the Lord's service. Find a job, get a career, and apply yourself in service. Get a job in your church and be an active minister to others.

Lazy - rather stay at home and do what you enjoy is the definition of Christian laziness. If your church has 100 members on roll then you should have 100 full time ministers not 100 inactive lazy workers. Truthfully in your church how many people really do most of the work? It is pure laziness that most Christians expect and rely upon the "paid" minister to handle all the ministering. When I first started going to church as a 17 year old one thing I did was get a copy of the church's roll. I walked every street in the neighborhood visiting every person on the "active" roll. What I found was most active people were dead or moved. I would assume the same would be true in your church. While your "active roll members" may not be dead or moved they are anything but active. They are lazy filled with zero desire to be an effective minister thus they are lazy.

Idle - the very first thing I thought here with the word idle is its Scriptural relationship to a gossiping tongue. The idle tongue spills out hatred, false information, lies and has no purpose in praising or bringing honor to God. The same is true with an idle person. Their inactivity is not just doing nothing and not being of service. The idle Christian is a direct, powerful and engaging PROOF that God is weak, a liar, without hope and not worth anyone's time. Yes, idle Christians are far worse than any vocal atheist. Idleness is a cancer from within that seeks to destroy the Body of Believers in that church.

Slow - ever watched ice melt on a freezing day? Silly, it does not melt with those temperatures and neither does a "slow" Christian move. A slow Christian is one that sits on their rear end waiting for someone else to answer the call of God. They see someone in need and they could easily help but "let someone else help them" is the motto posted above their hearts. They are cold, indifferent and a waste of space.

Useless - in my garage I have a weed eater with a motor that stopped working years ago. It is hanging there in the same place. It has no use or value. I should have thrown it away the day it stopped working. If you look from the view from the pulpit you would find most people have perfected their uselessness. Useless means anyone can see these people have no minister value because they have made their status as unavailable for service thus useless.

You may find this letter hard and cold but this is a truthful assessment of a vast majority of the church. The blame is not on the people but the church trying to engage people based on the church's false doctrines and teachings. The church is the reason people are not engaged and fruitful.

The difference between being fruitful and unfruitful is not totally based on one's commitment. It is based on what one is committed to. If your message or witness is this "all you have to do is to ask Jesus into your heart," then your message not only is unscriptural but is not even true. How can you expect to be fruitful selling a lie and untruth? Thus you have guaranteed unfruitfulness. Remember even a blind squirrel will find a nut occasionally so your "occasional" success is luck not message. The true message to share is that God sent His Perfect Lamb to lay down his life in order that the whole world be saved. God has already saved the world so why should you testify that the person is lost forever when God stated He will reconcile all things and His salvation? The wrong message is rarely successful and its success is guaranteed to be fruitless.

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