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"Which Church?"

Are the Baptist right or the Methodist? Will one find the truth in the Church of Christ or the Catholic Church? On and on which is group is right because they all cannot be right? God is not the author of confusion so you are likely go to a church based upon feelings. Should not where you attend church be based on the truth?

Is the church that you attend Godly in its teachings and beliefs? Very few of you spend time determining what is taught as the truth or not. You may disagree but a vast majority of the messages delivered contradict and actually are contrary to the truth. The trouble is most people live by feelings and not the truth. So you readily accept anything you hear as the gospel instead of staying within the Word of God. The church literally trains its members to be blindly following the church and its teachings.

Think about what your church believes. If the pastor stood up and said Jesus sure messed up and failed to do what he said he would do. You would very likely get mad and walk out of that church. But do you as a rational person not understand that when you pastor says, "Most people will go to eternal damnation" that he is absolutely without any doubt declaring Jesus a liar and a failure? How can Jesus take away the sins of the world and be the Savior of the World if people go to eternal damnation? What you are hearing and buying into are lies.

Know this Scriptural Truth, in these latter days which we are living in, the very church will become the Whore of the Babylon and follow the religion of the Mysteries. Today, churches around the world teach perversions to the truth as if these perversions were the gospel. Instead of Jesus is the Savior of the World and he will reconcile all things unto himself as the Word of God states, the church today perverts the truth to Jesus will save you if you do what they say.

I am not here to sugar coat the truth. What you are being taught are lies and if you bothered using any logic you would see what I am saying is true.

Since posting these messages pointing out the false teachings of modern Christianity, I have had pastors and teachers tell me "You are going to hell," "You are don't know the Bible," or "you have never been in a bible class." What I find always the same is that they will attack me personally. The reason is that I have spoken to them the Word of God and they have ZERO defenses against His Word. I did not write God's Word. I just happen to believe what He wrote and they don't. They are liars and the truth is not in them so all they have is to call me names or write me off as hell bound so they can feel good about believing their illogical lies.

I can promise you this fact if you will be somewhat truthful with yourself. What does your church believe say on the subject of Jesus as Savior. Does your church believe Jesus saves those that accept him or does Jesus save everyone? If they believe only a few will be saved, then your church does not believe Jesus. Oh, you may use his name in vain and try to bring legitimacy to your beliefs. But Jesus said he came to save the world. Either Jesus saves the world, reconciles all things unto himself and takes away the sins of the world or Jesus is a liar. Modern Christianity openingly teaches Jesus fails to do anyone of those three vitally important promises. What I cannot understand is why in the heck Christians call themselves Christians when they publically deny Jesus does what he said he would do. In truth modern Christianity says, "Oh, I follow Jesus but I don't believe him." They believe Jesus is just a savior that loses most people to the very sin he promised to take away and save.

Does your church believe God or just believe He is real and distort the rest of the truth? In the latter days which we are in today God's Word states that the Whore of Babylon will arise to be known as the "church." How can so many people be so easily deceived when the truth is so contrary to what they believe? I really wish and beg some of you to please let me know why believing the false teachings are so easy that it causes the masses to avoid the truth. We are not talking about minor theological differences here. We are speaking directly to the validity of God and His truth.

Is God a liar? No! You yell but with that same distorted breath you profess that people remain unsaved, unreconciled and in sin forever. God says He will make an end of sin, reconcile all things and bring about everlasting eternal life and peace SO WHO IS LYING YOU OR GOD?

The basic problem I have is there is only One Truth not two or more truths. You religion is vastly opposite of God's Word so how in the world can your religious beliefs be correct? If your religious beliefs are even remotely correct, then God and Jesus are anything but perfect. Is that what you want to run through life believing and expecting in the end this same Jesus will save you? That is placing a lot of faith in a savior that fails to do what he said he would do. OR what you believe is simply wrong.

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