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"Grace of God"

Acts 11:23 "Grace of God"

One will often find this phrase uttered in church and Sunday school classes. But what does this phrase mean. In the Greek these two words mean "Graciousness of God." Graciousness further means acceptable, benefit, favor, gift, grace, joy and pleasure. So it is clear that God's Graciousness is not from man or enhanced by or through man.

Many people in promoting their religious beliefs take from God's Graciousness. They want grace to be all about what they did to receive, obtain, earn or acquiring the grace of God. "I prayed to accept Him," "I believed" or "I walked the aisle to join the church." Each of these are actions meant to take away from the real graciousness of salvation from God.

So how gracious is God? To sum up that answer God's graciousness is perfect, complete, more than sufficient and everlasting. How or why would you even consider limiting God's Graciousness? Would you limit God's forgiving graciousness just so you could throw the "unsaved" into eternal damnation? Would you limit God's forgiveness and His graciousness to just those that earned His favor even though the Word of God stated that would be impossible?

The religion taught in modern Christianity is in no manner Scriptural or even logical. What is Scriptural and truth is God's perfect graciousness saves all sinners through the taking away of sin and the transgression in order to perfectly reconcile all things unto God. Don't claim to believe in God if you fail to believe Him!

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