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"God Does Not Change!"

God does not change. The Way of God before Creation means God is that way today and forever. So sit back and think about how you view God. I know many of you think I don't think much of the church. What I don't think much of is what the Church says about God. The Church preaches God is not consistent, trustworthy or faithful to Himself. "Malachi 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not" so why in the world after God says He will end all sin and death does the church say God doesn't do this things?

It is very comical to hear the traditional church teaching on creation. In fact many of you believe this "God created everything perfect. Then Adam and Eve took a bite of the apple and through their disobedience created sin and death." This is fairy tale dung that is absolutely false. It is written NOTHING exists that was not made by Him. Does sin exists? Then God made it. Does Death exist? Then God made it. Does Creation, Angels, Demons, Stars, Earth, Sun and people exist? Then God made all of them. He is the Creator of All things period. Who made the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? God did not Adam so sin's very existence comes from God creating Adam to sin the sin God created. Adam was not in any way made perfect. It clearly states God made Creation and He said it was "good" which in no way means perfect. Only God is perfect and the only way for mankind to be perfect is to return to God perfectly reconciled to Him. The Church has no clue about this truth so it teaches slices and slices of donkey dung as their traditional doctrine!

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

Here you can see that the Word of God that became flesh is God and of God as His Word. So when Jesus said plainly in John 3:17 and John 12 that the Word came "so that the world be saved" then Jesus' status as Savior/Word was established before Creation, today and forever long before Calvary.

Many of you become anger with me for stating God does not change. He stated He will reconcile all things but you teach He will not. So who, you or me, is calling God a liar? It is those of you that teach paganism in your traditions of Hell, Eternal Damnation and the SILLY notion the Devil is fighting God for Souls. Modern Christianity is nothing more than Cartoon Network materialized in million dollar buildings and fancy self righteous outerwear. Discover God and His Truth by questioning everything, going to the Word of God and use your brain not blind trust in traditions.

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