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"Fools and the Foolish"

Fools and the Foolish
After years of "church" this may catch you a little off guard. The church has a habit of "separating" the sheep and the goats. In other words the church wants you to think the saved/church people are the wonderful little sheep and the sinners unsaved are the goats. That nonsense is so wrong it is not even close to being valid.

To understand this point, you need to incorporate some vital Scriptural points. First, we are all sinners. Secondly, there are none righteous no not one. Thirdly, everyone will fall short of the glory of God. And lastly, Psalms 5:5 states "The foolish shall not stand in thy sight." So for all the church encouragement that the "saved" are separated and markedly perfect in the sight of God, know this truth you like myself are NOTHING MORE than dirty rotten low down sinners.

One day every fool and all foolish persons who think they are something special will not stand in the presence of God. Why? BECAUSE "every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord!"

Foolish people believe they are saved, perfected and sinless today while still alive. You are not and that position is not only unscriptural but downright self centered foolishness and stupid. How can you be "perfect" while having not died, been raised immortal and incorruptible and redeemed from sin and death? You are not but you are and will remain a sinner dead in sin until the Resurrection of All of Mankind from sin, death and a state of unreconciliation from God. Upon our Resurrection of the Dead we will all be reconciled unto Christ and then to God. Until then cease "I'm holy, righteous, redeemed, perfect living in the spirit" while we are all just sinners. If you don't believe me ask yourself this question....."Will you die one day?" You will die because you are a sinner for death is the wages of sin. If you happened to be perfect as you so mistakenly claim then death would not happen and you my friend would invalidate the Word of God.

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