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"Things Change"

Things Change
The study of religion and where each belief originates is something has always intrigued me. It is not rocket science but just a few minutes of honest diligence will unravel many current beliefs readily preached in the church today.

My foundation today is the Truth that God is the same yesterday, today and forever as is His Word. People have long taken what God said and have added to it or taken things away to create their own authority. Take the normal attitude of many preachers and teachers that the Old Testament was for the Jews and the New Testament for the saved. In fact Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament in himself as God's Perfect Lamb. Fulfilling and discarding are two totally different things.

As Jesus spoke look at what happened:

Matthew 7:28 And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine:
Matthew 7:29 For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

Godís Word is a sword that cuts apart the fat and lard that separates people from the Truth. Jesus spoke and the Religious Leaders were as the Greek Word used here ďto be struck with astonishment.Ē The Jewish leaders just like todayís Religious Church Leaders are astonished by what Jesus taught was so far removed from what they believed. I could go into your church today and speak just a few verses and I can be very certain Godís Word would not be received. Why? Simple just like the Leaders at Jesusí time, todayís church leaders are not founded and based in the Word of God but their own manmade traditions. Many of you uphold church traditions as the AUTHORITY for your religious beliefs while rejecting Godís Word when it is not consistent with your manmade religion.

God gave to the Hebrew people His Written Word. By the time of Jesus the Jewish leaders had added more than 500 new laws that according to them superseded the Word of God to establish a guide for their faith. In both the Old and New Testaments God said specifically that we are to not add to, take away or change the Word of God in anyway. Modern Christianity is a case study in the violation of that warning from God.

Allow me to give you a simple Old Testament example to consider. On the Day of Atonement as spoken on in the Book of Leviticus, there were specific rules given on how to carry out the sacrifices on that special Day. God said to take two young unblemished goats and sacrifice one spreading its blood both by slinging it in all directions to cover all the sins of the children of Israel and the remaining to be placed on the live goat. Then God said to walk the live blood covered goat to the wilderness and release it to signify God would remember their past sins no more. God gave them clear instructions but after a few hundred years the Hebrew leaders made a major change. They took away God's instructions to add their own version that they felt was more beneficial to them. The blood covered goat was lead to the Valley of Hinnom (Hell for you false believers in eternal damnation!!!) on a rope and at the edge of the cliff their stoned the "scapegoat" to death. They thought their sins would be better covered by killing the goat instead of trusting God's Word.

Today the church has orchestrated thousands of additions to the Word of God many of which changed or deleted God's Promises. I don't hate the church but I do hate what the church has perverted by creating their own authority contrary to the Word of God. God's Word clearly states Jesus laid down his life by hanging from a living tree the day before Passover. Three FULL days later Jesus arose from the dead as the sun went down on the Sabbath Saturday. The church PERVERTED these most wonderful days to tell you an Easter LIE that Jesus died on Friday and rose Sunday morning. I bet every preacher you have listened to feeds you that donkey dung every Easter. Jesus specifically stated that he would be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth not 39 hours as the church lies to you saying. The problem is you eat up these perversions to the Word of God and live life allowing those perversions to be your authority.

God's Word states clearly that we are saved by the graciousness of God not of anything we can do, say or believe BUT that does not stop the church to add UNGODLY requirements in their various denominations from being baptized, to joining the church, to walking the aisle, to being born again, to accepting Jesus and finally the believing in Jesus. All these things are actions of person which God's Word tells us to trust in the Lord for our salvation. The church like the Hebrews wants to add "bubble wrap" to God's gift all because the church and its members don't trust God enough to take Him at His Word.

Now take a look at your own salvation beliefs. What do you believe saved you and what did you have to do in order to be saved? I bet it was not through complete trust of God's Perfect gift and graciousness of Him but you had to add the "stoning of the goat" to give you the needed FALSE peace.

In truth God's Word is simple. Just like the Hebrew leaders added more than 500 of their own laws to determine salvation so has the modern church been as the Pharisees robbing its people of God's Promises. I am a nobody that has answered God's calling to tell the truth. If my words are false then where are all the learned church people to refute them????

Their problem is one question destroys them and exposes them to the Light of God. Jesus said that he came so that the world be saved. Did Jesus do what he said or not? Church people claim he didn't therefore they promote themselves by creating the LOST SOULS in eternal damnation. Church people don't have the guts to trust God and His Word for the Truth so they make their own. OK, I am a FOOL that believes what God says. As a fool I have zero problems seeing Jesus say he came to save the World so I trust he absolutely will accomplish that feat. Jesus is my Savior because what he did not what I did. I trust him not the silly foolish church created way that many of you dripping droll over the belief you did something to obtain salvation! So how many of you say I am wrong from trusting Jesus' Words? Only fools trust a savior BUT not what His Words say.

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