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"Being Holy"

In Leviticus 19:2 God said, "You shall be holy: for I the Lord your God am Holy."

I will assume many of you have tried to be "holy" thinking the occasional denying a sin or two brings you to the level of holiness. Jesus often spoke against this religious self righteousness. Self promoting is still being practiced and taught in churches today.

It is important that you know exactly what God is asking you and me to do. He said:

"You shall be" comes from a single Hebrew word that means "to come to pass" clearly a future state of existence since today there are none righteous no not one and there are none that seek after God or His righteousness. These Scriptural facts destroy the false teaching of holiness today while we are still alive. It is not a "spiritual" thing for we are all sinners and corpses today.

"Holy" comes from single Hebrew word that means "sacred" but more importantly this word was known to mean ONLY GOD. So anyone thinking they are holy is donkey dung! We will be and can ONLY be Holy once we have been reconciled upon the resurrection of all in Adam unto Jesus Christ and then reconciled through him unto God. Then we will exist in His Holiness.

The phrase "for I the LORD your God am holy" is fulfilled surprisingly in Revelation 21 and 22. Here all people and all things including heavens and the earth have been made new and perfect. It states we will dwell with the Lord in the New Jerusalem and He will be our God.

Just to be clear, we need and should want to not give into temptations and the encouragement of the flesh to sin. We don't need a "devil" to convince us to sin. No, we are fully capable of sinning without help. But God is calling us to love Him with our hearts, minds and beings. In doing this we can love others as we love ourselves in service to Him.

No, one person believing himself to be self righteous and holy has ever accomplished anything but bring glory to themselves. Serve the Lord in humility and peace with others, loving your neighbor as you do yourself in service and bringing glory to God for being His hands and feet.

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