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"In Order for Hell"

In Order for Hell

I know a vast majority of you believe there is a place of eternal damnation. It is place where people go when they die who did not do what was necessary in order to be saved. It is your strong beliefs that when a person dies who is saved they go straight to heaven, the Pearly Gates and handed the keys to their own personal Mansion. On the other hand if a person dies who is lost then they immediately go straight to hell forever.

So is the belief in Hell the truth or not? I would think you would concur that Truth is never wrong or contain errors. In that case then Hell and its common core beliefs as established by Christianity should have no problem being examined for errors in truth.

If I may provide a simple list of beliefs concerning Hell:

- Hell is in the earth
- Hell is where the lost go for all eternity
- The lost in Hell remain in their sins
- Those in Hell are forever unreconciled to God

These items clearly describe Christianity’s Hell. This also describes the same Hell the Babylonians and the Muslims believe in so it looks like the three major religions of the world believe in Hell.

Invalidation of Hell as not being true:

1. Hell is in the earth. Is it not written Heaven and earth will pass away? Christian belief is that hell is in the earth as a physical location based on their misunderstanding of Hebrew and Greek words falsely translated into the word “Hell.” In fact there was NO concept of Hell in the Hebrew religion or in the early church. It was not until Rome forced the church to accept pagan beliefs to form a watered down blended religion that the church started believing in a Hell. It was not name Hell until the church adopted the pagan Celtic Witchcraft word in the late ninth century. So remember when you speak of Hell you are merely quoting witchcraft not the Scriptures! Strike One against Hell!

2. Hell is where the lost go for all eternity. Well, even if you believe in Hell you have a HUGE problem with this statement as being untrue. Remember the truth is never wrong because “Hell” as translated in Revelation 20 clearly states it gives up the dead that were in it. So even if you hang on by your fingernails your thought that people go to Hell forever is absolutely wrong and untrue. Strike two against Hell!

3. The lost in Hell remain in their sins. Clearly a lie and untrue. This belief by the church is quite simply “stupid” and without basis. Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. AND God promised to make a total end of sin and any and all effects of sins prior existence. So why would those that supposedly believe in God structure their beliefs to not BELIEVE HIM? Strike three against Hell!

4. Those in Hell are forever unreconciled to God. Clearly a lie and untrue since the Word of God states without any denial that Jesus Christ will reconcile all things unto himself whether they be things in heaven or in the earth. God also promised perfect reconciliation of all things in perfect peace. So why do Christians run around preaching their false doctrine of UNRECONCILIATION? Did not God’s Word specifically instruct us to preach reconciliation? Strike FOUR against Hell!
If Hell was true then there would be no untruth or errors in any of the structural beliefs. BUT even the simplest people would have to admit that the Doctrine or Belief in Hell is riddled with lies, perversions and untruths that makes the potential existence of Hell as impossible.

Hell is impossible because if Hell was or is real then:
- God lied and He will not make an end of sin as He promised
- God lied when He said His Will shall be done when He said His Will is no man shall perish
- Jesus failed because he said he came so that the world be saved
- Jesus was not perfect sacrifice if he did not take away the sins of the world
- God’s Word states in Adam all were made sinners in Christ all will be made whole would not be true if Hell is real
- God’s Word said all things will be made new and the old passes away in the twinkling of an eye but if Hell is real and the lost there forever in their sin then God’s Word is a lie
- If God’s Word is filled with false promises, lies and failures then Hell is real and all you fools actually believe a lying failure of a God would actually save you when He can’t keep any of His promises

Bottom Line if Hell is real then God is not. But I have GREAT NEWS – God is real filled with love, mercy and graciousness beyond the needs of any sinner to guarantee that all sinners and things created will be reconciled unto Him as this age comes to an ending. I wish I had another word for “foolish” to describe someone that actually believes in the Babylonian based witchcraft notion of a Hell. It is unscriptural and without any proof of existence but quite contrary to the Word and Nature of God.

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