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"All to See and to Know the Lord"

Luke 3:6 And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.

While this translation will work, maybe if you look at with these words you will see the intent of the verse. Jesus spoke quoting the Prophet Isaiah but look closely at what Jesus said from Isaiah. He said that every valley would be filled and every mountain and hill would be brought low. Then he said crocked would be made straight and the rough made smooth. So Jesus describes that what we have today will be just the opposite at the end of this age.

Every sinner will become just the opposite which is incorruptible and immortal. Everything temporary and corrupted in creation will become everlasting and perfect. The problem is the church has raised each of you to believe the damned will be forever damned when God's Word declares all things will be made new.

Now Jesus said in verse 6 "And all flesh to gaze upon the Salvation of God." The seeing of God's Salvation and with it understanding God's love, mercy and graciousness through CHANGED UNCORRUPTED EYES!!! Now you can finally understand why every knee will bow and tongue confess that He is Lord!!

At that wonderful moment as every knee drops and tongue confesses we will be brought into the perfect reconciliation of ALL THINGS into Jesus Christ and then with him perfectly reconciled to God. All things, All people, ALL EVERYTHING no exceptions will be reconciled to God perfectly!!!!

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