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Does it really make sense to send a perfect Savior to save the world, take away all sins, make all things new and reconcile all things


to send BILLIONS to eternal damnation in their sins, unreconciled forever separated from God and remaining in the same condition imperfect?

There is not a person on this planet if they were truthful would think that makes logical much less Scriptural sense. I am sure there will be those among you that jump up and down defending what you did to be saved but please try to think for once. Jesus and the Word of God clearly stated there is nothing you can do to be saved. Again every foundation of your religious beliefs are constructed on the very sand Jesus told you not to build upon.

Sandy Construction:
The Lost are in their sins forever..........Lamb takes away the sins of the world AND God promised to make an end of all sin.

The Lost forever in damnation.......God Promised to make all things new AND to reconcile ALL Things to Himself.

Jesus only saves those that come and accept him......Jesus said there is nothing you can do to be saved AND God said there are NONE that seek after Him or His righteousness.

Jesus does not save everyone......Jesus said he came to save the WHOLE world AND to save that which was lost.

The saved go to heaven when they die......God's Word states all go into the earth (Hades/Sheol) when we die AND all are resurrected both great and small AFTER the Cosmos ends as death, unreconciliation and sin are no more.

Why do you live and breath having your feet in this sand of religion? Build upon the solid Rock of God's Word and Truth instead using mistranslated nonsense contrary to the Truth as the basis of your beliefs!

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