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"Condemnation Question"

Condemnation Question:

Would you condemn your child to eternal damnation to suffer forever in the pains of sin, death and flaming torment? How would you feel each day knowing the suffering of your child in such a place?

If you as an earthly parent know and love your child how much more does God love all of His children? His love is perfected in mercy and forgiveness. His salvation is perfect in His Graciousness. So if you could not condemn your child to eternal damnation even in all of your imperfections then how can God in His perfection condemn His child who knows not his left hand from his right?

You have heard in church most of your life about hell and eternal damnation. You have heard it so much that you validate this lie into the truth. God cannot condemn someone to eternal damnation in the very sins He guaranteed would be totally eliminated along with all effects of sins prior existence. God could not hate so much that He would condemn the sinner whose sins have been paid for by God's own perfect Sacrifice. He is Lord of All and stated that all things will be reconciled unto Him in perfect peace and newness of life. He promised all things will be made new and with Him. So how then does this loving and forgiving God sit on His Throne knowing He created sinners for the purpose of not saving them? A god like that is anything but Who God really is. Now I pray you can see eternal damnation is not the truth but what is true is the unmerited love and forgiveness we have in Christ Jesus is God's promise to save all of us sinners!

One day every sinner raised immortal and incorruptible will for the very first time see the truth of God's Word as we stand before the Lord. There standing in our realization of God's unmerited love, forgiveness and graciousness we will all drop to our knees and confess in one voice that He is Lord of All! Knowing the truth that God sent His Word Jesus so that the whole world be saved!!

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