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"His Will"

I am going to ask everyone to read a single verse in the Bible. This one single verse can open many doors to understanding a full and blessed life of walking in Jesus name. This verse is as powerful as the words that created heaven and earth. Their only weakness is found when they are read by eyes that do not believe or a heart that is centered in self-control.

But the question you must ask yourself centers on your desire for a proper relationship with God. Do you want to be closer with God and understand better His Will for you? If so, then we will learn together. If not then you will find the remaining days of your life will be reruns of past failures. Not to be morbid but God purposely created us in such a way that we are to only work well within specifically defined perimeters of His Will. Outside of that we are nothing more than accidents looking for a place to occur.

For the next few days I would like for us to study this verse but for today would you just read it and mediate on it for me. You will find this verse in 1 Chronicles 4:10. Spend a few minutes of quite time and read this verse with a heart looking for understanding. We will take a few days to look closely at it meaning and purpose.

Have a great day in the Lord always and in all things give thanks.

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