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"Bibical Christians"

Yesterday's devotional concerned the two types of Christians. First, the run of the mill Chicken Christian whose life was not centered on Christ. The second type was the Hog Christian that had so committed their life to Christ that they were dead to their own life through life in Him.

Today, I would like for us to spend some time looking at our commitment because almost every Christian lives the life of a chicken. We scratch around the barnyard of life placing most of our efforts on satisfying our own desires and wishes. You may be thinking "not me!" but please understand there are very few people walking the walk Christ has established fro them.

Not being totally committed to Christ has some very telltale characteristics that follow closely in the life of Chicken Christian. Take a quick look at these reactions:

1. A terrible problem occurs unexpected
- The Chicken Christian first reaction is frustration followed by anger, fear and a growing sense of worry. As the helplessness begins to take hold then comes the praying mode.

- The Biblical formula for handling problems is quite different from the steps normally taken by the Chicken Christian. "All things work for the good of them called according to His Purpose" is where a Godly reaction begins. It starts with our knowledge of God's power, might and sovereignty that must be in place prior to a believer facing problems. The Bible also tells us to be "anxious in nothing." Boy, does this one work over my defense plan for living. Trust and obey instead of worry and fret is paramount to living within the Will of God.

2. A terrific temptation is presented
- The Chicken Christian has a moral code that is acknowledged and even contains many elements of Scriptural living but the final authority is placed within his own judgement and discernment. In other words the Chicken Christian is willing to follow God as long as God is going his way. As for temptation the strength to resist is measured by the cost to pleasure calculations instead of just following God's Words.

- The Biblical formula clearly tells us that temptations are as common as breathing and that we do not, will not nor can have neither the power, strength nor authority to be victorious over them. In this knowledge a Godly person finds strength to overcome through Christ. Whether one sins is not determined on a case by case basis but is pre decided by a Godly commitment to follow Christ and His Commandments.

3. A chance to serve God is presented
- The Chicken Christian goes under cover expecting God to either quit calling or he will occasionally answer the call for service begrudgingly. The extent of the answer lies more in the determination of embarrassment level than in the investment value of time. The term "Jesus freak" is not heard often anymore because the actual limited number of people that live in a Christlike manner.

- The Biblical position is that we are the work of God's hands and through His calling we are to serve Him. The very fact an opportunity presents itself is in fact an honor that God knows that the person being called is the very best at meeting that need. A Christian living and serving God cherishes the moment to come that he will hear "well done my good and faithful servant."

I pray that these words may find comfort in your heart and encouragement to walk closer and more committed to God. May the Lord bless and keep you always,

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