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"Finding Rest"

Tribulations and problems often find their pathways to each of our lives. These storms range from gentle rains to violent tempests. In these times we strive to find shelter and relief from the damaging influences.

Many methods of dealing with these storms are offered by the world. A funny old saying, "spitting into the wind" reminds me of the feeble efforts that these suggestions bring about. If one were to invent a fool proof way of combating problems they would make a fortune. Well, I am here today to tell you of one such perfect solution. It is found in God's Holy and infallible Word.

Psalm 116:7 reads "Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee."

Wow! What a verse. One can take comfort in knowing the Lord's provisions and strength. See how David realizes the significance of a soul that is troubled only because it has wondered from its rest. God promised to each of His little children "a peace that passes all understanding." This promise is not a hollow frame of words that were meant to hit and miss God's people. No, these words are powerful and definitely delivered to ensure that we possess such a peace. This peace is found exactly where David described it here in Psalms. It is found in our rest.

Speaking frankly today, one must take some very decisive and forceful actions in order to live abundantly in this peace. First, you must calm the storm in your life. This feat is done by commanding not asking "peace be still." Whenever these words are wrapped only in the power of God will the waves and winds bow in humble subjection. Second, peace is a claimed gift that must be opened with obedience to God. Third, you must command your soul to be obedient. That is right! Your soul is something that must be guided and directed to rest in God's safe harbor or it will wonder in the mud holes of greed, worry, envy and strife.

This day, I pray that your soul will find it rest in the Lord and that He will richly bless you,

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