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"Putting Things Together"

Yesterday, I bought myself a new razor. Now it really doesn't take much to make me happy, so I was really looking forward to shaving this morning. I took it out of the package last night and placed the blade on the handle awaiting its use.

I covered my face with shaving cream and proceeded to shave my face. While I shaved, it amazed me at the ease of this new type of razor. Boy, the advertizing on the package was right. A close shave that was comfortable.

After I finished, I washed my face to see the results. Funny, my face looked exactly like it did before I shaved. Examining the razor I had put the blades on backwards!

A good examination will always reveal the results of our efforts. This fact is also true of our Christian living. If after your attempts to walk and do what Christ has asked of you and you can't find any results maybe you haven't put something on correctly.

No one has ever accused me of being mechanically inclined but even I can read the instructions. God has carefully given us instructions for living. In Ephesians sixth chapter it says that we should place upon us the whole armour of God. Combine this with our instructions of loving God with our whole heart and taking up our cross and following Him provide us the foundation for honoring God fruitfully with our lives.

Make sure everything is on right today with your life and you will see the great things God can do in you!
God bless you,

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